When is a Weakness a Strength

When is a Weakness a Strength

I am a religious man. This is not a religious blog. But as I was sitting in mass this morning listening to the pastor’s homily it got me thinking how it related to being a manager. I won’t get into the religious context of the homily. Instead, I will discuss the underlying theme – can a weakness be a strength? That is a good question and it got me thinking a little deeper about my weaknesses as a manager and how they could actual be beneficial to me.

What are your weaknesses?

We all have weaknesses. Some of us have a lot of them. It is good to sit down and write down what your weaknesses are and really take time to think about them.

I am impatient and not always a good listener. My memory sucks. I get distracted easily and have trouble focusing on just one thing. These are just a few of my weaknesses but believe me there are a lot more.

Writing them down allows me to acknowledge areas I need to work on. It helps to keep me humble and reminds me that I am not perfect. In addition, it gives me gratitude for the people in my life who put up with my shortcomings.

So how can our weaknesses become our strengths?

A weakness becomes a strength when we allow it to motivate us and seek improvement for the things that are holding us back. That is why it is important to write them down and acknowledge them. In order to improve something you first have to uncover what is broken before you can work on a plan to fix it.

It isn’t always possible to fix all our strengths. Face it there just isn’t enough time. Even if we can fix some of our weaknesses we will always discover more along the way. That doesn’t mean we should just throw our hands in the air and give up. What we need to do is find people around us that are good at the things that we are not and find ways to utilize their strengths.

Everything comes back to team and letting others make you better.

As I said in my last post – it’s all about the team. Our team makes us better. Where we are weak they are strong. We should always look to surround ourselves with people who are good at things that we are not. And then we should give them the tools and freedom to succeed. Don’t be afraid that they might succeed where you failed. Take it as a badge of honor that you are honest and strong enough to acknowledge your own short comings and let someone else have success.

Allow your weakness to be an opportunity for somebody else to showcase their strength. This will allow you to learn from that person and also show your team that you appreciate and respect their individual skills and talents.

Don’t allow your weakness to be your downfall

It is easy to think that we can overcome all our weaknesses or that we don’t have any. But it would be dishonest and foolish. We all have areas where we struggle. After all we are human. It is better to face your shortcomings head on and look for ways to correct or overcome them. Lean on the people around you to find success in your weakness. What a heavy burden it would be to be perfect. We would have to carry the world on our shoulders. Let your faults be your strength and count them as a blessing because of them you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to go it alone.


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