Goals – What is Holding You Back?

Goals – What is Holding You Back?

Why Haven’t You Achieved Your Goals?

What is holding you back from reaching your goals? Is it not knowing where to begin? Self-doubt, don’t think you can do it on your own? Lack of time? Lack of motivation? Whatever it is one thing is certain – you can change your circumstance.

If you want anything badly enough in life you can make it happen. It all begins with a deep desire. You must want it more than anything else. If you desire something badly enough you will overcome any obstacle to get what you want.

Make a Plan

Next, you need a plan. No goal can be achieved without having a map for getting there. Your plan is your roadmap for achieving your goal. Write it down. The surest way to believe in a goal is to get it in front of yourself and see it as a reality.

Don’t sit at a computer. Grab a pen and a piece of paper or a notebook and hand write your plan. This will keep you from getting distracted by the myriad of time wasters that lay at your fingertips when your computer is in front of you. Also, many studies have shown that writing goals out by hand makes you more focused and in tune with was is written on the page then writing on a computer.

Your plan should contain the following elements:

  1. Clear achievable actions to move your toward your goal.
  2. Time line for achieving each action and for reaching your final goal.
  3. Checkpoints for ensuring that you are staying on track.
  4. A list of resources to help you achieve your goal.

Faith is a belief in Self

Have faith. Faith is the cornerstone that allows us to reach our goals despite any obstacle or unforeseen circumstance that might get in our way. It is a deep-seated belief in yourself and knowing that the thing you want is possible. When commingled with emotion it can be a powerful tool for helping to achieve a goal.

Get Moving

Finally, you just need to get going. Nothing will happen if you don’t start. Starting is the hard part. You can have a deep-rooted desire and faith, but until you put your desire and faith into action nothing can happen. Don’t wait for things to be perfect, they never will be.

Make that start today. Get moving. Remember once you start things tend to snowball and grow. Action creates results. And even if the results you get to begin with aren’t what you wished don’t give up keep moving forward.

Fail Fast

I am not sure who originated the saying, but one of my favorite quotes is “fail fast and fail forward”. We learn much more from our failures then we do from our successes. And often our successes can blind us and lead us down a wrong path if they are not tempered by reality. The faster we fail the quicker we can learn, grow, and move forward. And we always want to fail forward meaning that our failure leads to learning that moves us closer to our goals.

Today’s failure isn’t permanent it is merely temporary. Use today’s failure to create tomorrow’s success.


In conclusion, if you want your life to change then you need to take action. Begin by defining what change you want and what the final destination looks like. Write your plan. This is your road map to success. Your plan will help you clearly define your goal and actions for achieving it. It will also set goal post for success and identify resources to help you along the way.

You also need to have faith in yourself and a steadfast belief that the goal is achievable. Believe that you can do it and it is possible.

Finally, get moving. Don’t wait. Be willing to fail and fail fast. See each failure as a learning opportunity not an obstacle. Keep your eyes looking in front of you and avoid lingering on what is past.

If you follow these steps and practice positive thinking you can achieve any goal that you desire. Best of luck and if you need help along the way sign up for a free coaching session by subscribing to my email list.

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