What is Freedom?

What is Freedom?

The subject of freedom comes up quite often especially when talking about the military. We are told that they are protecting our freedoms. The notion of a special kind of American freedom comes to mind without anyone defining what that is or what freedom means.

To me freedom is the ability to choose one’s own path in life without others using force to keep me from living my life. Freedom is not a blank check to do whatever you want. Freedom encompasses allowing others to live their lives to the same degree that you wish to live yours, also without the threat of force being used against anyone. For we cannot enjoy freedom ourselves if we would set up an apparatus to inhibit somebody else’s freedom. Ultimately that apparatus will be used to inhibit our own freedom and in the end everybody will lose the ability to choose their own path and live their own life.

How can we even begin to speak of being free when on a daily basis our government, and those who defend it are taking active, aggressive measures against our freedoms and inhibiting how we live, the path we choose for our lives, who we interact with, and how we interact with one another. There are a myriad of laws that prevent us from exercising our free will and making choices that affect our lives while we never, through these acts, aggress against others.

If we were truly free we would be able to choose who we associate with. We would be able to choose what to do with our money and our property. We would be able to choose how we educate our children. We would be able to choose what to put into our bodies.

In all of these areas the government intrudes in our lives in limitless and endless ways. Always its for our protection because we cannot possibly be trusted to make wise choices if we are left to decide on our own in these matters. We do not have freedom. We have those rights granted to us by our government.

Freedom involves responsibility. The responsibility to make good choices, to consider the future, to consider other people. If we are to be truly free we must earn our freedom, we must take our freedom, we must be responsible and proactive. We cannot rely on others to give us freedom, but we need others to ensure that we keep our freedom. But that freedom cannot come by force it can only come through voluntary cooperation. This is something the government worshipers don’t understand.

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