What do you Want to Leave the World?

What do you Want to Leave the World?

Today I have been thinking about my goals and what I want to leave as my legacy when my days on this earth are done. I think it is a positive and worthwhile endeavor to consider what it is we want those who know us to remember about us as it helps us to put our values into perspective, who we really want to be, and then to put those same values into practice.

For my part I want my wife and kids to remember me as a good husband and father who always provided for them and kept them safe. That I always put them first and made them the priority of all I did. I want them to remember me always being around and available. Always there to comfort them, to laugh with them, to cry with them, someone who listened without judging.

I want my friends to be able to say that I was always there when they had a need. That I never turned away from them. That I always stood by and supported them when things got tough. That I could challenge them and make them laugh.

Of my community I would like to be remembered as somebody who always helped those in need whether I knew them or not. That I was always there to help my neighbors and did my best to make sure my neighborhood was a safe, beautiful, and peaceful place.

Of my co-workers I would like them to remember me as a team player, one who always addressed problems and did not attack people. Somebody who could be counted on to make good decisions and take accountability for his actions, someone who wasn’t afraid to take a chance or fail, a leader who challenged others to be better than they thought they could be, a man who admitted when he was wrong.

If I can keep this vision before me I believe that I can live the life I choose. That I can leave the legacy I desire. That I can leave the world better than I found it.

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