Tools for Dealing with Anxiety – Part 4: Exercise

Tools for Dealing with Anxiety – Part 4: Exercise

Staying in motions improves the body and the mind healing and helping the whole person. By increasing your physical activity you get your blood pumping increasing your circulation, increasing oxygen to the brain, increasing your energy levels, boosting your immune system, and improving your mood. There is a reason why they call it runners high. The release of endorphins that occurs during exercise helps increase positive feelings and leaves the mind feeling positive and full of energy. And the more you exercise the more benefit you will receive.

Even if you don’t currently exercise regularly or don’t know where to begin just get started. Start off slow and easy and build from there. For those who are just getting started I recommend getting up first thing in the morning and doing a simple 10 minute Yoga routine followed by jumping jacks. Don’t worry if you can’t do a lot. Work within your limits and feel positive about what you accomplish because after all it is more than you did yesterday.

Check out all the Yoga videos on YouTube. There is a great 30 Day Yoga Challenge just for beginners. All the videos in this series are from 15 to 35 minutes and are great routines for beginners. If you have less time just search 10 minute yoga for beginners for all kinds of quick and simple Yoga routines. Yoga increases flexibility and builds strength and is a great way to begin exercising.

Go for walks. Walking is a great, healthy, low-impact exercise that anybody can do. Take your head phones to listen to music, a podcast, or anything inspirational. Go for a meditative walk appreciating nature and all the things that are good in your life.

Run. If you’ve never run start small with a 1/4 mile run and then increase your distance by one city block a week. Before you know it you will be running multiple miles. Personally I need to run either on an indoor track or outside. I do not think you get as good a workout on a tread mill as you are too likely to slip into a comfortable pace that does not challenge. Enjoy your time running to use it to recharge, rejuvenate, and meditate on all that is good and positive.

Lift weights. It is really important to challenge your muscles in new ways. Start with light weights and slowly increase. I would recommend increasing your weights by 2.5 to 5 lbs. every two to three weeks until you plateau then changing up your routine by challenging your muscles in new ways. Also, keep it aerobic by power setting – going between two exercises without rest in between, then taking 5 second breaks in between sets.

I use a simple weight lifting routine that takes me about 30 minutes to do and I do it three days a week. I focus two exercises on chest, two on triceps, three on legs, one on biceps, and one on shoulders. I do three sets of 12 reps of all movements. I start on the bench press/and back exercise (bent over rows, seated rows, reverse flys), I then do squats/triceps (tricep extensions, kickbacks, dips), then shoulders (military press, upright rows)/biceps (curls standing, alternating, isolated), then incline press/triceps, then seated leg extensions/leg curls. Finally I end with my ab routine of incline sit ups, scrunches, and leg lifts.

Keep your body moving because a body in motion has purpose and is more positive. Make your workout your own. Discover what you enjoy so that you will be motivated to sustain it. Do your research. There are tons of helpful videos on YouTube that can help you find a work out routine that will work for you. The key to exercise is to focus on the three key areas of flexibility, cardio, and strength. Don’t worry too much about the details just get going. It will be tough at first but that is why it will feel so good and be so rewarding. And remember you are building new habits and that takes time. Once you start exercising on a regular basis you will feel a loss when you don’t do it. Getting started today will help you have a better attitude and better control over you anxiety tomorrow. Good luck and message me if you need any tips or encouragement.

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