Three Ways to Overcome Stress and Find Peace in Any Situation

Three Ways to Overcome Stress and Find Peace in Any Situation


“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” —William James, American philosopher and psychologist, 1842-1910

Stress can get the better of all of us and push us to the limits of what we think we can handle. It often makes us act irrationally and in ways that are not only detrimental to our health, but also to our careers. Lately in my job I have been dealing with some projects that have pushed me to the point of feeling at my limit. So I wanted to consider how I have been dealing with these situations and better ways that I could handle them. I hope you find what I came up with helpful.

In order to handle the stress that comes with the job of managing people and projects here are some tips:

1. Don’t react right away. Things are never as bad as they seem. If something is causing you stress take some time to think about it before doing anything about it. Often our decision-making during times of stress is poor. Walk away from the situation, take some time to clear your head, and come back to the problem when you are feeling cool, calm, and reasonable.

2. Focus on the things that are in your control. So often your stress is caused by factors that are completely out of your control and that is the reason they are so stressful, because you can’t do anything about them. What you need to do is focus on the things in the stressful situation that are in your control and act on them. By taking action on those items it will help give you the feeling of control you seek and get you working in a purposeful way that can relieve stress.

3. Do something for others. One of the greatest ways to overcome stress is to do something for others. Take the time to help somebody else who is struggling and needs encouragement. By getting outside of yourself and focusing on others it can put things in perspective and get you to think about your problems in a new light.

Stress is caused by the feeling of not being in control and the fear of the unknown. By letting go of the need to control and surrendering to the possibilities of life you can gain peace in the most stressful of circumstances. This is something I need to remind myself all the time and I hope it helps you also.

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