The Sham of Presidential Politics

The Sham of Presidential Politics

Watching the recent Republican Presidential candidates makes me reflect on what a sham American politics, and all politics for that matter is. And the Democrats are just as bad and evil as the Republicans. How people can actually listen to these politicians, and opportunists, and believe that they really have their best interest in mind is beyond me. One would think that after over 200 hundred years of our countries existence, I won’t say republic because we ceased being that almost as soon as we became an independent country, we would have learned that politics is for fools and scam artists. No good can come of from looking to politics for solutions.

When listening to all the politicians it is clear that they are all bought and paid for by special interests. Each one will say whatever they think a majority of the voting public wants to hear. Read that carefully. The voting public. Remember that the majority of Americans do not participate in the election process because most have correctly decided that there can be no victory for the individual in the game of popularity know as the American democracy.


When is the last time you have heard a politician offer a practical real solution to any of the many problems facing our country – loss of freedoms, government spying, wars, debt, failing infrastructure, bankrupt social safety nets, and the corrupt political system. There is no desire to cure any of these issues because it would mean telling the voting public what it doesn’t want to hear and wake them up to the inconvenient reality of life.

Politicians want to get elected. In order to get elected they must cater to special interest who will give them money to wage their campaigns. In order to get votes they must promise to steal from one group of people to give to another thereby ensuring┬áthe votes through largesse. The voting public doesn’t want to hear the truth they want lies and bribes to make them feel good.

An honest politician, sorry for using such a contradiction, can never get elected because they make the voting public confront reality and that doesn’t make them feel good. So, they will prosecute and ridicule any truth teller because it conflicts with the false narrative that they have constructed. They want lies because it makes them feel comfortable and good about themselves.

Politicians are liars and the public that participates in the American electoral process is a bunch of scared children unwilling to face reality. They want liars, cheats, and thieves because they reflect the culture at large. They want men and women in power who will lie and steal to gain power over honest people and to take what they cannot create.

If you participate in the electoral process then do not complain. You get what you vote for. I don’t vote so I can complain because it is not what I want so I refuse to participate. Politics will not solve our problems – it is the problem. Vote by not voting. Refuse to comply. Remove yourself from the corrupt system and quit giving it legitimacy. That is how we will save this country.

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