The Cult of War

The Cult of War

Today’s American culture is a cult of war worship. We see it at every parade, in every city, on the news, and in our workplaces. We give reverence to those who go off to fight in the wars of the oligarchy without ever questioning the motives of those who push for war.

I don’t believe that the men and women who have, or currently serve in the military are by and large evil. I think they join for reasons to them that seem just and good and with the best of intentions in mind. But do they question why they are being sent off to war, whether the wars they are being asked to wage are just, and who profits most of these conflicts?

The same must be asked of the American public, who since Vietnam have by and large been brainwashed into believing that while we can question the policies we must support our troops at all costs. But must we? Shouldn’t we hold the troops to a higher standard. After all they are being given the ability to kill others. They are being ordered to turn their weapons on other human beings, told that they are enemies of the U.S.A. sometimes with little to no proof, or weak logic, to support these claims. With that kind of power, and that kind of responsibility, the troops need to ask hard questions and not just take orders, and should be held to a higher standard.

If the troops asked these hard questions and did not accept weak proofs, perhaps we could keep young men and women from going off to die in places like Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq where the only freedom that is being protected is the freedom of the War Industry to sell bombs, bullets, and tanks. The freedom of the oil companies to exploit these conflicts to get at rich natural resources. The freedom of special interest groups to push agendas to make money or to control resources and territory.

We have been turned into a cult of war. Worshipping the war makers, believing that patriotism rest on the support of the military. We are told that we must support the troops even if they are acting criminally in illegal military actions, even if they are causing large numbers of innocent civilian populations to suffer. As Patrick Henry once said, “the true job of the patriot is to protect his country from his government.” When it comes to the cult of war these words ring more true now than ever.

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