Thankfulness Everyday

Thankfulness Everyday

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we have to be grateful for in our lives. If you are reading this blog chances are that you live a relatively comfortable life as you have access to the internet, a computer, and are literate. But are you thankful aside from this one day out of the year and do you take time to practice thankfulness on a daily basis?

I have incorporated thankfulness, or gratitude, in to my daily routine. There are some days where I don’t feel gratitude and I feel extreme pessimism and it is at these times that I most need to sit down and take time to think about all I have to be grateful for.

I am grateful for having a happy and loving marriage with a supportive, intelligent, and beautiful wife. I am thankful for having three beautiful children who are also intelligent, loving, and well-mannered. I am thankful that I live in a peaceful and safe community with plenty of opportunities for my family to play, learn, and give.

As I sit and think about all that I have to be grateful for I also think about those around the world who don’t have a fraction of what I have to be grateful for. I think about families trying to survive in war-torn regions like Syria, Iraq, and the Ukraine. I think about people around the world who live in economically depressed countries who struggle to put food on the table for their families. I think about the poor who live in small one room shacks and struggle to find clean water to drink.

When we complain about the 1% we must realize that to the rest of the world we are the 1%. We take for granted the fact that even the poorest in our society are better fed and clothed then 98% of the world’s population. If you were fortunate enough to be born in a first world country, then regardless of your circumstances you were born with opportunities that the poorest in the world would be happy to have.

How often do we take our blessings for granted? How often do we find ourselves becoming frustrated with our circumstances only to be brought back to reality by learning of somebody else’s misfortune? How often do spend our time complaining about our circumstances instead of focusing on the positives? How often do we miss an opportunity to take those positives and turn them into new opportunities?

We have the opportunity every day to be grateful, and we should practice daily gratitude. Negativity serves no purpose other than to hold us back.

I challenge you to start everyday writing down three things that you are grateful for. Do it first thing in the morning before you get bogged down in the day’s activities and worries. When you start the day thinking about what you have to be grateful for instead of worrying about a problem you have to face it gives you that positive energy you need to face your problems.

Also, before you go to bed at night write down three good things that happened during your day. No matter how bad a day you have there are always some good spots. The problem is that we tend to focus on the negative and give it too much power. By focusing on the good before bed it allows you to let go of those negative thoughts and put your mind at ease. This not only sets you up for a good night rest but also gives you a good start to the day to follow.

Make gratitude a part of your everyday. Practice thankfulness in all you do. Realize that every day that you are alive, breathing, and able to act is a day to be grateful for. We exist only in the now. Be grateful for your now and share that gratitude in all you do with the world around you.

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