Staying Positive

Staying Positive

This morning I woke up and from the start I was fighting negative feelings. I was tired and was feeling like all my efforts were not giving me the results I desired. I was frustrated with my finances wishing I had more resources to accomplish my goals. I was frustrated with my novel, not feeling I had a good idea where the story was going. And I was feeling overwhelmed in my work having a lot of work to do and not enough time to do it in. I just wanted to check out and not have to worry about any of it.

It took me most of the day to get my head on straight as all my anxiety and stress kept building in my mind, each obstacle building on top of the next one. I thought I would either blow my top or just lie down and cry, but I didn’t. On the way to work I forced myself to listen to Entrepreneur on Fire, even though I didn’t feel like it, to keep my mind focused on moving forward with creating ideas for passive income opportunities, it was a great podcast that gave me a lot of ideas and encouragement.

I still was frustrated as I pulled into the parking lot at work, still thinking about the day that lay before me, and all the problems yet to come. So, before I walked in I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths, and told myself “I will have a good day, I will be positive, I will serve others”. I went in and put my thoughts on other people – inquiring how they were doing, showing concern for their problems, listening. Slowly my mood began to improve.

Even though this brought me out of my self-indulgent funk for a little while I soon slipped back into it as more problems and aggravations arose. As each obstacle presented itself I had to stop, close my eyes, breath, and check in with myself. I had so much to get done, I had desk work to do, meetings to attend, problems to address, and people issues to deal with. I just kept plugging along.

Later in the day I caught a break – one of my meetings that was scheduled for three hours only lasted an hour. Sweet, now maybe I could get a few extra things done before attending my final meeting of the day. I made good use of my time, attended the last meeting and was getting ready to head out the door and got called off to yet another request for my time. All I wanted to do was to get home, but oh well.

I responded to the request and was asked for my help with a problem. I graciously consented to helping. After giving the help I was given a compliment that meant alot to me and I walked away feeling good that I was able to be of service and also that the work that I was doing in another area was also recognized.

I sit here now at the end of a long day, which started with great frustration and anxiety, feeling satisfied and grateful. No matter how bad things seem in a moment, it is good to keep the focus on the end goal, to keep one’s values always before you, to always stay true to the things that are important. When life seems like it is getting too hard – stop, breath, clear your head, check in with yourself, refocus. Find a way to reach out to somebody else, to serve, to understand, to empathize, to stop thinking about yourself. Once you realize that other people have problems and that you may be able to help them it frees you from your problems and your stress.

Life is so much bigger than the daily problems that we ourselves put up as obstacles to making our lives great. We cannot change the past, and we cannot guarantee what the future will bring. We can only have an effect on the present, the here and now. Take the time to make the most of the present. It is where you exist and where you will always exist. The past is dead and tomorrow has not yet been. Enjoy the here and now. And if you feel overwhelmed and stressed just relax, take a deep breath, just let yourself be without judging. Find something to be grateful for and then find somebody who needs help and then find a way to help them. Get outside yourself in order to take care of yourself. I guarantee that if you do this you will feel better. And when the day is done try to find something to feel satisfied in, anything, any little accomplishment. Be grateful you’re alive, that you have tomorrow. Then rest and put into your mind that tomorrow is another to be great, and live it.

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