Sometimes it Doesn’t Matter Whether you Make a Good or Bad Decision as Long as You Make a Decision

Sometimes it Doesn’t Matter Whether you Make a Good or Bad Decision as Long as You Make a Decision


Are Bad Decisions Good?

As a manager I am expected to make decisions. Sometimes I make good decisions. Sometimes I make bad decisions. But either way I need to decide on a course of action in any circumstance. Some people get so stressed with worry that they have to make good decisions all of the time that they become incapable of independent action.

Failure to take action can sometimes cost more than a mistaken action.

If you make a bad decision quickly enough, and learn from it, you can then get on the correct path much more quickly.

On the other hand if you take so much time trying to figure out the right course of action that it cost you too much time and money you can actually end up worse off.

Decisive action and the ability to learn and improve are keys to good leadership.

It also requires the ability to admit mistakes and correct course. If you can be flexible and innovative then a bad decision should not be something to fear.

This doesn’t mean that you can make a series of bad decisions. I once had the owner of a company I worked for say that you build up a bank of good decisions that allow you to make an occasional bad decision. You just need to make sure that you have a large enough bank of good decisions.

Another bit of wisdom bestowed on me is that it is sometimes better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. Sometimes decisions need to made quickly. We don’t always have time to get permission. It is sometimes necessary to take action and live with the consequences, if the scenario demands it, and you can live with the consequences.

Good leaders are willing to take blame.

People will follow somebody who will take the heat for their decisions. Likewise they will run from a leader who falters under pressure and deflects responsibility.

Decision making takes practice.

We get better at making decisions on the fly the more we do it. The key is to not get so cocky that you fail to consider your own weaknesses. Remain humble, but confident.

Also, don’t be a loose cannon making snap decisions regarding every action. There is a time and place for quick decision-making. If you have the time to gather more information why wouldn’t you. Just don’t allow yourself to get so bogged down in fact-finding that you fail to take action.

Good decision-making as a manager requires finesse in fact gathering and the ability to quickly see the big picture and take action.

Understand the circumstances, know your time frame for success, evaluate your level of understanding, and take action.



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