Refocus and New Book

Refocus and New Book


In the coming weeks I will begin making a transition with my web page and blog. I have just completed writing my first book about managing people titled The Peaceful Manager: A Beginner’s Guide to Managing PeopleI am self-publishing this title through Amazon and hope to have it released in the next month. The purpose of this book is best stated from the introduction:

My goal was to write a book told in my own voice, from my own experience, relating how I deal with the issues faced in managing people. I wanted a book that people could related to told from my first-hand experience not a boring stale text book written by some academic giving the latest management theories dreamed up in a university classroom.

This book represents my opinions on how a good manager should operate based on my experiences. It represents what I have learned from being a manager through my mistakes and triumphs, from observing my peers, and learning from mentors.

I don’t assume to have all the answers as to the best ways to manage people or claim to be perfect in how I have handled people throughout my career. I have made many mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes, but I have tried to learn from each of my failures and work constantly to make myself a better manager, and ultimately a better human being.

I have been searching for a way to bring value, and also find a way to be able to support my efforts through offering products and affiliate links. My main purpose to be able to share my knowledge and experience to help others. I hope that I have done that through my Peaceful Printer blog.

In looking back on my own career I never felt as though I had a mentor to teach me all that I needed to learn. I had people who I learned bits and pieces from, but I never met anybody who seemed to have a grasp of the whole picture of doing what’s best for both the people that they managed and the organization that they worked for. So I was left to take the best of what I experienced from the different managers I met along the way and piece together my own philosophy of management. 

While there have been plenty of books written on management I feel I bring a unique perspective. I started out in my career at the bottom as an entry level worker in a factory and worked my way up through a number of positions. I went to tech school while still a machine operator and then attended evening classes to earn my bachelor degree. While working on my degree I became a shift supervisor working on the 3rd shift (11 p.m. – 7 a.m.). And finally I moved into a number of middle management roles at three different companies.

I have worked for an employee-owned company, a one owner corporation, and a large privately held corporation. All of these experiences have helped to give me a different perspective on how organizations are run and how to navigate the different share holder demands.

I am not an academic or a consultant. I am working in the field that I am writing about and learning everyday how to be a better manager. My goal is to writer weekly blog post that address the issues of managing people and also managing the processes of a manufacturing environment. I will touch on personnel issues as well as how to measure production efficiency, how to implement process controls, and how to maintain a positive attitude and deal with the stress of being a manager.

I am very excited to get going on this journey and hope that my experience and perspective offer value to other managers struggling to be as good as they can be. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on my book and the website transformation.

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