Recognize Those Who Help You Succeed

Recognize Those Who Help You Succeed

Your awesome. You know it. All your success is because of your hard work. That might be true, but don’t forget all the other people around you who have helped you to succeed. Recognize the individuals on your team for the parts they play in the success of the group. Recognition is just as essential as any material reward that employees receive for their work.

More than the sum of its parts

Any well-functioning team is greater than the sum of its parts. Individually the members of your team may be either strong or weak. A properly functioning team is able to overcome the shortcomings, not just of it individual contributors, but also its leader.

Having a true understanding of how all contributions make everyone better will help you to appreciate the talents of every member. It will open your eyes to the many ways in which others have helped you to succeed as a leader.  Life is so much bigger than any one person. And overcoming the many obstacles we face requires the concerted effort of all involved in any struggle.

Thankful Leadership

Being a thankful leader leads to greater group cohesion. When a leader recognizes the contributions of each individual and gives praise the members of the group start to understand how they are contributing to the larger goal. They also will know that their efforts are valued and appreciated.

Gratitude in anything we do can have positive and powerful benefits. It will improve your mood and allow you to look past negative circumstances.  Positiveness creates an optimistic atmosphere. When possibilities are embraced it removes obstacles. Creativity blossoms when false barriers are removed.

Show Your Gratitude as Well as Saying it

Saying thank you is great but it’s not enough. You need to show your people who you appreciate what they do. When you get praised for the success of your team allow some of  that praise to be directed to your team.

Share in the work of your team. Don’t just tell them how much you appreciate what they do. Get your hands involved from time to time to share in the work. Find out what your people do through experiencing it. Even if you think you know you don’t.

Give public praise and don’t be afraid to give rewards. When success happens everyone should share in it. Celebration should be as much a part of the work place as the hard work that leads to success.

All for One and One for All

Most days are difficult enough. We shouldn’t have to go it alone. Our team is there to support us, to lift us up, and to help us achieve more than we could alone. Embrace those around you. Celebrate their contributions and recognize the ways that they make your work more effective.

Celebration should be just as great a part of the work environment as the actual work. Lift up your team just as they lift you up. We are all in this together and success is much sweeter when it is shared.

If you want to read more about employee recognition and how to go about it this is a pretty good article to start with – The Power of Positive Employee Recognition.


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