Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

I have no particular agenda today as I sit to write my post. I would like to use this post to direct people to the best articles that are out there that discuss very important topics relating to peace and freedom.

First, see this article by Daniel McAdams – Executive Director of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace discussing how the newly passed Freedom Act is anything but: https://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/breaking-freedom-act-passes-senate-freedom-dies/ . Once again the controller in Washington are using Orwellian double-speak to fool the American people into think that they are protect your freedoms when in fact they are just merely legalizing activities previously held to be illegal in order to keep doing them under a legal guise. Every member of Congress who voted in favor of this act should be tried for treason.

Second, see this article from the website freeross.org detailing the injustices of the Ross Ulbricht sentencing – http://freeross.org/ross-ulbrichts-sentencing/ . Ross Ulbricht was the owner / operator of an online drug market called Silk Road. He operated an illicit drug trade but committed no acts of violence. While his actions were illegal his trial was a complete sham and the court did not allow his defense to present credible witnesses or evidence on Ross’ behalf including the fact that government agents who testified against Ross were also illegally involved in running drugs and prostitution for a profit.

And finally, check out this article by David Stockman that shows what a sham and hall of mirrors the U.S. economy really is: http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/15-years-of-stimulus-nothing-to-show/ .

All these articles detail the many ways in which the U.S. government is a threat to its people. About how the government lies and deceives. Never trust anything the government says. Question everything. If you value freedom and liberty you will start to question the narrative and looks at the facts not accept the view of the New York Times, CNN, or Fox.

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