Purpose in Working for Others

Purpose in Working for Others

I listen to a lot of entrepreneur podcasts and read a lot of business/entrepreneur blogs on line. One thing I find in all of these sources is a negative attitude toward having a conventional job and being employed by somebody else. Those who have decided to run their own businesses seem to look down on those who have chosen the path of working for someone else as though to have purpose and meaning we all need to start our own businesses. I find this attitude insulting and demeaning.

There are many reasons a person would choose to work for somebody else and not start their own business. As an employee I do not have to worry about hiring and employing others. I may make hiring and employment decisions, but I am not ultimately responsible for seeking employees, giving them pay and benefits, and providing for them. I am also not legally responsible in all the ways that an owner of a business is for following certain laws concerning employment and the consequences of violating those laws.

As an employee I do not have to invest my own capital in the business, nor take the risks with my money that a business owner has to. I get paid up front before anything is sold for my time. The business owner on the other hand has to invest large chucks of his own capital just to produce something and tie that money up until he ultimately makes a sale which could take weeks, months, or years depending on the type of business and investment project. I don’t have to wait, I put my time in and get paid every two weeks.

I can walk away from the business at the end of the day, on weekends, and on vacation. I get a break. The owner hires other people to take care of the business while I am out so I don’t need to worry. An owner never really gets a vacation. They have to constantly be monitoring business conditions both internally and externally to make sure they are reacting to changing conditions as quickly as possible.

I think owning a business can be rewarding and meaningful, but at the same time I think being an employee for a good company, that treats you fairly, and pays you well, can be just as rewarding and meaningful and without a lot of the headaches of owing a business.

Entrepreneurs provide necessary services and innovation to the economic life of any economy and they are the ground breakers that bring new products to market. They provide jobs and economic growth that is healthy and needed. But the world also needs employees. If everybody was an entrepreneur where would all these businesses go for people to help them run their businesses.

No person can run their business on their own. Only very small businesses that wish to remain small can be run by a solopreneur. For the most part every size business needs employees to run and grow their business. Not everybody has the initiative, ambition, or desire to run their own business, and that’s o.k.

I can be just as creative and entrepreneurial working for somebody as I can running my own business. I can choose to improve myself and advance within the company I work for or find a different employer where I can have the opportunity to attain the position I wish. I can have some say in how I do my job, input into making improvements, and in the right position a say in how money is invested.

Whatever we do for a career, whether working for somebody else or starting our own business, we can find purpose and meaning. We can take the level of risk we choose, and we can find growth opportunities and chances to express ourselves. The world needs all kinds of people: leaders, followers, innovators, and initiators. Whether you want to grow your own business or grow within somebody else’s business the value you get from your career has to come within you.

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