A Manager’s Diary Weekly Podcast

This is the weekly podcast of A Manager’s Diary. I will discuss topics about managing people from the perspective of an active manager. The information covered in this podcast will focus on how to build engaged, happy, and innovative teams. Learn how to find the joy in managing people and build a team that exceeds goals and expectations.

I take a people-centric focus to management. Instead of focusing on rules and discipline I challenge managers and supervisors to look for ways to encourage employees to own their area of expertise through rewards, encouragement, and a sense of responsibility. Employees want to feel a sense of ownership and control over their work. I will teach you how to create work environments that allow employees to feel engaged and encourage.

Join me on this journey as we learn together how to lead an ever-changing workforce.

This podcast is for anyone who is interested in learning how to build positive relationships, engage people, and get things done.

Episode 2 – What is Accountability?

In this episode, I address the question of what accountability is and isn’t. Too many managers and supervisors conflate discipline with accountability. I want to challenge this way of thinking. Accountability is about communication and follows through. It is about setting clear goals and giving your people the tools they need to succeed.

You will learn strategies to effectively maintain accountability and create an atmosphere of trust.

Episode 1 – Why I Want You to Succeed as a Manager or Supervisor

In this inaugural episode, I tell a bit about my struggles as I was getting started as a manager, what my goals are for this podcast, and my vision for what managers and supervisors should be focused on in regard to leading their people.