Overcoming Personal Frustration

Overcoming Personal Frustration

I often find myself feeling frustrated that life is not going in the direction that I desire. I want to be in complete control of my life, my time, and my circumstances. Life isn’t that clean and simple. Often we are thrown curve balls. Just when we think we have our lives going in a direction we desire life has a way of coming along and setting obstacles in our way that set us on a completely unexpected path.

I hate it when I feel like I am in control and have things figured out and those uncontrollable circumstances in life come along and remind me that in the end I am not in control at all.

You can call it fate, god, karma, whatever. It is life and that is the way it is. We don’t call the shots. All we can do is react to circumstance, find the positive, and move on from there. The alternative is to give up and lay down and die.

I have been working to cultivate gratitude into my daily life. No matter what is going on in my life at least I am alive to face it. That isn’t a lot of consolation when you feel completely frustrated and pissed off, but it beats the alternative.

I always have to remind myself of what is going good and right in my life at the moment and appreciate it while it is there because I know the hard times, the struggles will come. The key is to focus on the good, and have hope and faith that while there definitely will be hard times, that with a bit of luck and planning our lives will be filled with more good than bad.

According to the ancient Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. We make our own luck by using our challenges to prepare us for our opportunities.

The richness in life comes from how we deal with and overcome the challenges we face. If life was always easy, if everything always worked out the way we planned, what would we learn? Without challenge where would the growth in life come from? Despite the fact that it can be unpleasant in the moment of challenge or hardship it is really the place where growth happens. Maybe that is the key to finding gratitude in those moments – it is in finding the growth opportunity.

Our challenges should lead to us being better human beings. It should lead to us being more compassionate, empathetic human beings. If we don’t grow from our challenges, if instead we act as small children and try to escape and avoid hardships, then we can never hope to be anything more, never hope to really find the beauty in life, and never be really complete happy people.

Maybe it is because we have become a society that tries hard to avoid challenge that we have such little patience for one another. We are so filled with ourselves and our desperate desire to control life and avoid pain and suffering that we fail to accept our sufferings, we fail to learn from our suffers, and we fail to realize that other people also suffer and have the same desire to avoid suffering.

Today, make an intention, not to look for suffering, but to stop trying to escape from truly living just to avoid suffering. Take the time to acknowledge the suffering of others and allow yourself to feel empathy for others. Acknowledge your own suffering and challenges, and instead of trying to escape from them, find the growth in these moments. Also, take the time to practice gratitude for the good in your life. No matter what your circumstance, or what you are struggling with, there is at least one thing in your life to be grateful for. Find that one thing and allow it to be a seed of hope to guide you, to lead you out of your current suffering, and allow it to grow into the fuel that brings you out of your suffering.

Use your suffering as preparation for the opportunity that will surely come. And if you have prepared yourself properly and turned your mind toward hope and gratitude then you will not fail to see the opportunity in any suffering.

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  1. Really enjoyed this, Randy. Great suggestions at the end.

    We seek challenges – I know I do. To overcome is to live, to really live. And I love what you said about having empathy. We all need to work on that, as that is one of the main things that get us out of ourselves and gets us connected with others.

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