Overcoming Doubt

Overcoming Doubt

I sat here tonight struggling to come up with something to write about. And as I sat here I became frustrated and was ready to give up. I took a bit of a break and went on to Facebook to check in with The Miracle Morning Community. In reading a post and helping somebody else out who was struggling it knocked me out of my self doubt. I decided to just get back to it and write what was on my mind.

We all struggle with doubt and beliefs of not being able to accomplish our goals. We need to realize that we are the only ones who can achieve our goals and live our lives. If we put our minds on a positive path and live proactively we can overcome the challenge of self doubt and get on with the task of setting and achieving our goals.

Goals don’t just come out of thin air though. We need to practice mindfulness and give thought to our values and what it is we want to achieve and accomplish in life in light of those values. We need to put work into improving ourselves on a daily basis. We must put in the work.

For my part I have committed to a daily routine of self improvement using the Life Saver techniques laid out by Hal Elrod in his book The Miracle Morning. I start each day with the Life Savers – Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing. Through these practices I am proactively making myself a better person and putting myself on the path to achieving my goals and living my dreams.

This isn’t about some new age, think it and it comes true, spiritual activity. This is about discovering something about yourself, acknowledging your value, and the putting it in to practice in harmony with reality. Being the best person you can be and having the best life you can have whatever that means – this is the goal.

Each one of us has the means and the potential to live our ideal life. It is not without hard work, but it is possible. We must strive each day to wake with energy and gratitude, mindful of the unique gifts we bring to the world and looking for ways to add value to the world. It is through the value we offer to the world that we achieve our true worth and live our dreams.

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