Let Go of Pessimistic Short View and Embrace an Optimistic Long View

Let Go of Pessimistic Short View and Embrace an Optimistic Long View


Optimistic vs. Pessimistic

Some weeks suck and some are awesome. Short term vision is generally pessimistic and poison to problem solving. While having an optimistic long view leads to finding solutions and achieving success.

This past week was a pretty good one. Most machines ran well. Staffing issues were minimal. And there was a positive energy on the production floor.

When I have a bad week it is hard to keep things in perspective and see past the problems at hand. Focusing too much on what is going wrong, rather than the things that are going right, can lead to tunnel vision.

Internal Focus over External Distraction

Reminding myself that short-term problems do not dictate long-term success or failure is important. I need to keep focused remembering that over the long haul things tend to average out.

I have found that as long as I focus on what I can control, and improve, I will have success over the long-term. It is this focus on continuous improvement that will win out over short-term failures.

Also, failures can lead to some of the greatest successes. Learning from times I fall short helps me to overcome and persevere. The only way I can truly fail is to just give up or not try to begin with.

Success is a product of constant perseverance.  Avoiding emotional lows and not exaggerating in my mind the degree of any problem is essential when problems present themselves.

When things seem at their worst I find it helpful to image how they could actually be worse. By imaging a worse situation it helps me to keep the situation in perspective. This helps me to back myself off emotional ledges. Why jump off that ledge?

Once the emotion passes it is easier to see the opportunity. Every problem comes with an opportunity. Finding it can be difficult, but it’s there somewhere.

The Thrill of Success

Discovering solutions to problems can be exhilarating. It the part of the job I enjoy the most. When things are going wrong and all of a sudden you hit on a resolution that’s where career satisfaction lies.

When things are bad just keep your focus. Focus on what is good – what is going right. Embrace the good and avoid negative speech and thought. Embrace adversity. Seek the opportunity for self-improvement inherent in problem solving.

Reach out to other positive people. Avoid negative thinkers. Encourage others to think creatively. Dig deep for the solution that is there but you just can’t see.

Remember that life is a long play. Short term trouble can mean long-term success. It all depends on how you approach it. You can allow the momentary trouble to be your downfall or you can see it as a temporary set back.

Relax, enjoy your successes, see your failures as learning opportunities, and embrace adversity.


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