On Personal Responsibility

On Personal Responsibility

We come into this world alone and we leave this world alone. What lies in between is reliant on self-determination and cooperation. No person outside ourselves can give us value, and no person outside ourselves can make us whole. We are reliant on ourselves for our own sense of worth and if we try to fill ourselves by living vicariously through others, or at the good graces of others, we will find ourselves empty and hollow.

If you want to feel a sense of purpose you must find it in yourself. Sometimes though that means looking outside yourself and doing good for others without seeking self-worth in the eyes of others. Doing good for others must be done with the right values and the right sense of self. If one gives away oneself entirely then you will have nothing left for yourself. In order to do good for others you must first do good for yourself. You must build up the self and become independent in mind and body in order to find interdependence with others.

Because we are all responsible for our own lives it does us no good to blame others for our circumstances. Reality is what it is. We must deal with what life hands us and then make good choices based on those circumstances presented to us and based on our values. We do not get to choose the consequences of our actions only the choices we make in light of them.

This does not mean that we need to accept injustice, it only means we need to acknowledge the reality, choose right actions based on our values, and accept the consequences of our actions. As long as we do this we should be able to find inner peace even if our outer world is not what we want it to be. But this does not happen overnight. Inner peace in light of injustice takes continual practice.

In order to live in a peaceful society we must take personal responsibility for our own lives. We must respect the lives of others and never aggress against others. If force is required it should only be resorted to in response to force. Before you say that something in your life is somebody else’s fault take a good look at your own life and the choices you’ve made, at the values that you hold, and the actions that you have engaged in. Ask yourself what you can do in light of reality, then take appropriate action based on your values and with due respect for others.

I am not perfect. I have not mastered my inner world or my feelings. I at times fail to take full responsibility for my actions, but everyday I work to improve myself and my world. My goal is to live in full harmony with reality making decisions based on my values and a true respect for others. Where I fail injustice prevails and where I succeed true justice is accomplished.

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