Now is the Most Important Time in Your Life

Now is the Most Important Time in Your Life


I have written a previous blog post discussing how the only place that we have any ability to act in the world is the here and now here. I want to expand on this idea a little further as I think it is a powerful idea to get our heads around and once we realize its power then we can begin to act in a manner that takes advantage of our current circumstances and opportunities.

When studying eastern philosophies and religions I came across the belief that time does not exist. It is merely a construct of the phenomenal world, of the material world in which we operate. Time is the changing of material things and nothing more. We believe that time exists because we see and experience change, but the underlying fabric of the universe, of all existence is unchanging.

If we believe this to be the case, that time is a matter of change within the sensible material world and that the underlying fabric of the universe is unchanging, then we can begin to really understand the power of now as this infinite moment then becomes part of the infinite unchanging universe.

We exist in this infinite now, and though our material form may change, our power exists forever in this now. We move and think, breath and exist within this infinite now and when our material form ceases to exist our pure form of infinite existence, pure energy, continues in the great now. We can choose to waste it or we can embrace it and make the most of it.

There is another element of eastern thought that is important to embrace and that is the oneness of all existence. Everything in the universe, seen and unseen, is part of the same origin. Nothing that exists is separate from any other existent thing. Every last atom and sub-atomic particle is born of the same origin. Therefore as long as the universe, and everything in it exists, and because we are part of everything in the universe and born from the same substance, our existence continues in some form as a part of that whole. And there is a connection between all existence things in the universe.

We also know that matter and energy are interchangeable. It is this fact that points to the case for existence moving between states of energy and matter. Matter becomes energy, which then gets converted into matter, and then back into energy again in an endless cycle. Our existence is the same. As human beings we are both matter and energy co-mingled in material beings.

We act in the phenomenal world as material beings creating and expending energy to affect change on the sensible world around us, but at that same time we affect the unseen world of energy as we transfer energy from substance to substance, as we take in matter and convert it to energy and release it into the world.

We do all this within, and as part of the infinite now, and it is the only place and time we can have any affect. The material world around us ebbs and flows, changes and fluctuates, but the underlying energy and spirit of the universe remains the same permeating all things at all times.

Take some time today to sit quietly and feel this infinite now. Make yourself a part of it. Feel its power and energy and let go of your doubt, your regret, your pain. Realize that all things are, will be, and have been, that on some level everything continues to exist. Let go without judgement, without pain, without regret. Allow yourself to live, act, and think free of constraints in this infinite moment.


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