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Why I Wrote this Book

My goal was to write a book told in my own voice from my own experience relating how I deal with the issues faced in managing people. I wanted a book that people could relate to, told from my first-hand experience, not a boring stale textbook written by some academic giving the latest management theories dreamed up in a university classroom.

I wanted to share what I have learned so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made. I want you to find peace in managing people, learn how to get the best out of the people you lead, and enjoy your interactions with your direct reports, your fellow managers, and your boss.

This book represents my opinions on how a good manager should operate based on my experiences. It represents what I have learned from being a manager through my mistakes and triumphs, from observing my peers, and learning from mentors.

I don’t assume to have all the answers as to the best ways to manage people or claim to be perfect in how I have handled people throughout my career. I have made many mistakes and will continue to make mistakes, but I have tried to learn from each of my failures and work constantly to make myself a better manager, and ultimately a better human being.

What’s in the book

Each chapter gives clear examples, tips, and techniques for engaging people and overcoming common management and supervision issues. At the end of each chapter, I provide exercises and questions to help you apply what you’ve learned.

What you will  learn from this book:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Lead by Listening

Chapter 3: Clear Expectations Lead to Clear Results

Chapter 4: Supportive Management

Chapter 5: Tools of the Trade

Chapter 6: Attitude is Everything

Chapter 7: Creating a Team Environment

Chapter 8: Thank You – Giving Consistent Feedback

Chapter 9: Honesty – The Straight Path in Management

Chapter 10: Teach, Don’t Preach

Chapter 11: Consistent Action – The Path of a Good Manager

Chapter 12: Dealing with Difficult People

Chapter 13: Managing Your Manager

Chapter 14: Being a Member of the Team

Chapter 15: Putting it All Together

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