Living with Values

Living with Values

I struggle to be patient with people in all aspects of my life. Whether with my family at home, with coworkers and subordinates at work, or with strangers in public. I tend to be more patient with those whose respect I wish to gain or keep, and am less patient with family, who I know, or at least hope, will forgive me, and strangers, who I do not have a stake with.

In examining my own patience I realize that in any circumstance where I am less than caring or concerned about others I am not living my values. I wish to create a peaceful world in all that I do, whether with friends, or family, coworkers or strangers. I wish to live in a world of peaceful cooperation where human beings do not need to resort to using force against one another. But, am I living those values; the answer is no.

If I want to live in a world of peace and respect then I need to practice peace and respect. If I want to live in a world of mutual understanding and cooperation then I need to practice mutual understanding and cooperation. I need to live my values.

The world is full of hypocrites who say one thing but do another. It is full of politicians who preach one thing, pass laws to force us to accept their spoken values, and then live in ways that are in opposition to what they preach. There are people of faith who go to church every Sunday and listen to Jesus’ message of peace and forgiveness, about the need to be people of faith and love, and then as soon as they get in their car and make their way down the street, forget every word that was spoken.

We need to be people of living values. We must live consistently with our stated values so as to be examples to others. If peace is what we wish, then it is peace we must practice. It doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice or compromise our core beliefs, it only means we need to treat others with respect, to be better than our enemies, to be more forgiving than our enemies, not to be better than them, but only more consistent, and true to our words.

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