Living in Line with Rights – Without the Intervention of the State

Living in Line with Rights – Without the Intervention of the State

Is it possible to respect people’s rights and live in peaceful union without the coercive hand of the state? Absolutely, but it demands a paradigm shift and a change in our thoughts and our habits. We, each individual, must take responsibility for our own actions. We must change the way we think about human interaction and cooperation, in how we view our relationships with one another. We must resist seeking to control others and thinking that we need to use coercion and force to bring about the world we desire without any thought for the fact that there are other people in the world who have different attitudes, opinions, and values, and just because they have different ideas does not mean they are wrong or evil.

If we are going to live in a world of peace, where human beings are not forced to act against their values and self-interest, and where we ourselves enjoy the same freedoms, we must change ourselves and we must think about how we would feel if the same things we are doing were done to us. We cannot rely on the state to legislate and coerce to bring about a more just world because every time they favor one group they oppress another group. Life is not perfect and we need to quit thinking that if we only gave the government more power, or more money, we will be able to make the world more just, because it just isn’t so.

We need to quit worrying about how the things other people think and do is in opposition to our beliefs. We cannot fundamentally change others and if we use coercive force we are merely seeking our own selfish ends and not changing the world for the better. As long as others don’t harm you, or take from you, what harm can their actions and attitudes have unless you give them the power to harm you? We have to find a way to live our own lives without getting caught up in the harmless actions of others.

I try to mind my own business when I see my neighbors acting in ways that I find incorrect, unless they are infringing on my freedoms, I leave them be. In the case that they are infringing upon my rights I seek to choose to find a way to work out our disagreement between myself and them. Short of having my property or life threatened I try not to involve any government agent in personal disputes or disagreements. People will always do things that I disagree with, but I do not want a law passed that is in conflict with my values, and so I will not support a law that is in violation of the values of other as long as those values do not result in violence or coercion.

We must learn to live with each other as individuals. The need to pass laws and look to the government to control others is a sign of an insecure mind. It is the sign of people who feel so threatened by values and opinions that differ from theirs that they must use violence to suppress it. It is the sign of people who are lazy and do not want to do the hard work of building relationships and to find solutions to problems. It is the sign of a country that has become intellectually lazy and no longer has the creative capacity to look for new, unique, and innovative solutions to society’s problems.

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