Journaling to Reach a Goal

Journaling to Reach a Goal


When working toward a goal it is important to keep that goal and the actions required to achieve it in your mind every day. One way to do this is through daily journaling. I want to share the process and questions I use in my daily journal to keep me focused on what my goals are and the steps I need to get them done.

I devote 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night before going to bed to focus my mind on what I need to do to reach my goals.

Below are the questions I use to journal my progress toward my goal. There are three questions that I answer in the morning to start the day and two I answer to end my day. The morning questions are meant to gain focus for what needs to be done on that specific day, while the questions at night are meant to reflect on how the day went and what needs to be accomplished on the next day.

I will lay out the series of questions and discuss the importance of each.

Morning Questions:

What am I grateful for – What is good in my life?

Starting everyday with gratitude for what you have right now is one of the most important things you can do. By focusing on what you are grateful for right now you can head off those negative emotions that can defeat you and keep you from reaching your goals. Gratitude puts you in the right frame of mind to want to do the hard work needed to reach your goals and starts your day off on positive footing.

What 3 actions can I take to move me closer to my goals?

I choose three actions because it is a number that allows you to make steps forward without feeling overwhelmed. You can pick any number of actions you want, but remember if you try to do too much and fail to get it all accomplished it can cause frustration. Focusing on too little action will not get you moving forward and it is good to challenge yourself, so for me three is the right amount of actions to focus on.

Make sure that you write three actions that you have a realistic chance to achieve, but that challenges you a bit. Don’t make them so easy that they don’t really progress you toward your goal. So keep in my that you want a challenge, but it should be realistic.

What strengths, skills, or talents can I utilize today to reach my goals?

Think about your three action items and what strengths, skills, and talents you possess that you will need to utilize to achieve results. This is a type of affirmation focused on the values that you bring into the world. Give yourself credit and celebrate your special traits.

This also helps you to focus on those special skills and talents you will need to employ in achieving your actions and get you thinking how you can employ them throughout your day.

Evening Questions:

Where did I succeed today?

Always start and end your day on a positive note. Give yourself credit for where you made positive moves toward your goal. Take time to celebrate and feel good about your achievements. It is the positive feelings that will keep you moving forward when things go wrong or you get bogged down in some detail toward you goal.

What do I need to accomplish tomorrow?

Part of achieving a goal is always keeping your eyes looking forward. Before you go to bed consider what you have to do tomorrow to have success in continuing to move toward you goal. What actions are required in light of where you have been? What resources will you need to employee? What contacts will you need to engage? Focus on positive emotions and positive action to put yourself in the right state of mind when you get up the next morning.

Feel free to use these questions as a template for creating your own journal and use it as a tool to help you achieve your goals.

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  1. Thanks, Randy, for reminding me about “doing gratitude.” Tony Robbins talks about this as well, and I haven’t thought about it for years now.

    Also, I’ve been remiss in goal-setting – even though I have a lot to do. Gotta get organized again.

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