It’s All About the Team

It’s All About the Team

As a manager it is all about the team. Nothing gets done in solitary. It takes a strong team to make a successful manager. And it takes a confident manager to build a successful team.

I know it is hard for some managers to let go and trust others. This is something I struggled with a lot early on in my career and still struggle with today. Doing things by ourselves may ensure that they are done the way we want them done, but it limits how much we can get done and it doesn’t allow us to develop our team.

Why is team so important?

No matter what it is we are doing in life we get more done when we do it with others. There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done by ourselves. We need to get others involved. That means not only giving them the freedom to do the work but also the freedom to decide how it is going to be done. If we manage every little detail it takes us away from concentrating on more important items. Developing your team will free you up to do more in less time.

How do I let go of the need to control?

It is difficult to give up control. As the manager your ultimately responsible for the activities in your area. So how do you give up control while achieving the desired results? One word – practice. You need to practice daily giving up control. Allow people small projects until you feel comfortable giving up responsibility and you gain a level of trust in your people. The more you delegate the better you will get at it and the better your people will be in responding to the delegation.

Another thing you can do is put processes and procedures in place for routine activities that ensure consistency of action and outcome. Well written procedures outline what needs to be done, how often, by whom, and what a successful outcome should look like. They should be easy to follow and clear to understand. Once a procedure is put in place it takes worry out of routine activities and makes training employees easier.

Delegate some authority to a trusted employee who has earned that trust. This will give the employee confidence in their abilities as you allow them more independence and authority within the team. It also helps build up loyalty to the manager by showing trust. Finally, it will demonstrate to other members of the team that you will reward others with independence and authority when they earn that trust.

Peace through delegation

When you delegate you show your trust in your team members. It takes work off your plate and allows you to focus on more important items. In focusing on more important items you can have greater focus on these items and ensure they get done to the best of your ability. Outcomes will be more successful and you will not feel overburdened. At the end of the day a lot of unnecessary stress will be released.

Your team is your greatest asset allowing for more successful project outcomes. It allows you to focus on the really important things. Goals will be easier to achieve as more tasks can be completed in a shorter time frame. A strong team will support one another and bring more peace by alleviating the stress that comes from taking on solo projects. When everyone shares in the work there is less focus on one individual thus the stress of taking it all on by yourself becomes less.

Trust your people. Give them more responsibility as they show they are ready. Utilize the power of team to alleviate stress and achieve more.


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