Government Environmentalism

Government Environmentalism

I caught a brief clip of the President speaking today on some twenty-four hour cable news network at the gym today. He was talking about the imminent danger of climate change and how we must do something about it. Of course whenever somebody from the government says we need to do something about climate change that somebody is the tax paying public.

The government seems to exclude itself from the discussion of climate change. Oh sure, they might change out all the candescent light bulbs to florescent light bulbs, but they never offer any significant changes that would have a substantially positive affect on the environment.

Suppose for a second that the President offered to quit taking his private jet on all his vacations? How much CO2 does he pump into the atmosphere every time he takes off for one of his luxury vacations in Hawaii? How about getting rid of his SUV’s and limo’s? Those don’t seem to be environmentally friendly and fuel efficient to me.

Let’s not forget the number one pollution creator of the government – war. How many gallons of fossil fuels are consumed by all the implements of war employed by our government all over the world? How much pollution do all the bombs and missiles create whether excreting spent fuel and smoke from ignitions or the pollution that is cause by their hell fire as they strike their target and send soot, smoke, and debris into the atmosphere? How many waterways and natural environments are brought to ruins through the war machine?

Never mind all of this though, look away. The problem is you. The fact that you own a car, that you heat your home, that you read by a light, that you consume and create garbage. If only you would cease to exist the environment would heal. And your wise overlords in Washington will ensure that you have even greater difficulty in living as they tax you and pass laws making it more expensive to live in the name of environmentalism as they continue destroy and pollute.

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