Get Organized for Tomorrow, Today

Get Organized for Tomorrow, Today


As manager’s we can often get pulled in ten different directions and have multiple priorities to deal with to the point that it leaves us feeling stressed and out of control. In order to get order back to your day and get focus back on the things that are really important try implementing these habits.

A good day starts the day before. Get in the habit of taking 10 to 15 minutes every day before you leave the office to prepare yourself for the next day. If you have to put it on your calendar and protect this time. Don’t let anything besides an emergency keep you from using this time for preparing for the next day.

First, clean your desk. Get rid of all the clutter, organized every item into separate piles according to priority. Organize the items in any manner that helps you to understand what the level of priority each is for. Maybe put a different color post it note on the top item of each pile designating the level of priority. This way when you come in the next morning you can tackle the most important items right away and not spend time sorting through a number of items and wasting time.

Also, by cleaning your desk off every night it allows you to come in to a clean organized work space and will leave you feeling in control. Nothing is worse than coming in to a messy desk and feeling stressed thinking about how you will find time to get to everything. An organized work space will lead to an organized mind.

Second, make a to do list of everything you need to get done the next day. Again, set priorities such as absolute necessity, must do, nice to do, can wait. This will allow you to focus on those items that can’t wait or are high priority items the next day, then when the unforeseen happens and you get side tracked you can easily determine what you can put off until tomorrow and what needs to get done today. This will relieve the stress of feeling overwhelmed by the numerous items that require your attention.

Third, clean out your inbox. Set folders within your inbox to designate priorities and move emails to the folder that corresponds to its priority level. Delete all old emails that are no longer needed and move all other emails, that don’t need to be addressed but need to be saved, to designated folders so that they aren’t taking up space in your inbox.

Fourth, take time to acknowledge where you succeeded and where you failed and write down one item you are going to do different tomorrow to make sure that you stay on task. Give yourself credit where you did well and forgiveness where you failed. You need to take time to self-evaluate so that you can feel good about what went well, but also to correct items that need work.

Finally, allow yourself to leave work at work. By taking this time to organize and plan for the next day it should allow you to let go of the worry and stress associated with all those competing priorities that take up so much of your bandwidth. With a plan in place for dealing with issues you can turn your working brain off and allow yourself time to relax and recharge not worrying about the what and how of work.

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