Gain Control by Letting Go

Gain Control by Letting Go


Gain Control by Letting Go

Are you stress because of a need to be in control? Do you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to get accomplished on a daily basis because you have so much to do and so little time to do it in? Do you feel like you have to do things yourself in order to get it done right and that nobody else can be trusted with projects? Then you’re doing something wrong.

Don’t do it alone

Being a manager or a supervisor doesn’t mean that you’re the smartest one in the group or that you have to do everything yourself. Often times it is just the opposite – you may not be the smartest one in the group, but a good manager understands their own shortcomings and knows when to ask for help.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, like you don’t have enough time to get everything done that you need to accomplish, it is probably because you have held on to too many responsibilities and need to delegate.
It’s going to be o.k. just take a deep breath, relax, and let go. By doing everything yourself you aren’t doing yourself any favors and your probably not achieving the results you could achieve if you utilized the skills and abilities of those on your team.

Tips for Delegating:

For those who have trouble letting go here are some tips for how to delegate while still making sure things get done correctly.

  1. Write it down. If you have a task that is a multi-step process, especially if it is something redundant that you do multiple times a day or week, then write down the steps required to accomplish the task. Write up a clear standard operating procedure (SOP) that gives clear instructions about how to accomplish the task. You can also include pictures and diagrams to make it as clear as possible
    If it is something you do on your computer, then you can use a screen capture recording software such as My Screen Recorder 4 or Screen Flow to create an instructional video of the steps required to accomplish the task.
  2.  Make a check list. If you have multiple items, you want to assign and ensure it gets done make a check list of what needs to get done and assign each item to one or multiple people. Have them mark off the items as they are done and create a sign off at the end of the form so they can sign and date when it is accomplished. This will create accountability and trace-ability to ensure all tasks were accomplished.
  3. Pick a strong member of your team to help you ensure that lower priority items, that don’t require your direct involvement, get accomplished. Make sure it is somebody you know can work independently and with little supervision. You could also assign this person to help you monitor other projects that you have delegated to assist in keeping track of projects.
  4. Trust people. At the end of the day you need to trust people to do the work. You can’t always be the one to do everything. Being a manager and supervisory requires that you trust others to get things done. If you don’t display trust in others they will always push the tough decisions off on you creating yet more work for you. But if you show trust in others, and allow them to succeed and fail through their own effort, you will begin to develop a self-sufficient team that makes your job easier.

Important note – sometimes you have to let people fail. Don’t take back a task just because somebody failed. Take the time to show them where they went wrong and let them try again. If you continue to keep taking on task you will never break free of being overburdened.

Free Yourself

By delegating and developing trust in others you free yourself to concentrate on those things that matter most and rid yourself of those tedious tasks that do not need your direct attention. You will also be able to put your concentrated effort into a few high level items and not waste your energy on less important tasks, thus allowing you to do your best work.
Remember you will be at your best when you are laser focused on one or two important projects at a time. Your work suffers when you try to do too much and actually makes you less effective as a manager. Trust people, delegate responsibility, and allow yourself to be the best you can be.

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