Freedom and Personal Responsibility

Freedom and Personal Responsibility

Freedom is not a gift of the state meted out to those who are obedient to the directives of the state. Freedom is earned through personal responsibility and proactivity. Regardless of whether we are politically free we can always remain personally free through our own thoughts and actions. The state may control our bodies but it cannot control our minds…unless we let them.

Freedom is earned through the actions we take as individuals. We owe no allegiance or thanks to any military organization for our freedom. We remain free by acting and thinking freely. They can cage our bodies but not our minds.

Freedom demands living in unison with natural laws. We cannot escape reality and the consequences of our actions, but we can control how we respond to those consequences. Our emotional state is completely within our control. If we have mastered our inner self, our emotional state, if we have gained full mastery of our thoughts, then there isn’t a state alive that can truly take our freedom.

Freedom is the dominion of the individual, the ones who have gained mastery of themselves, those who control their own destiny and do not allow their moods to be the product of circumstance, but instead mold their circumstances to fit their mood. How we react to the reality of our circumstance is in our control and it is that control that is our true mode of exercising freedom.

I am free because I think and because I choose my thoughts. I am free because I can choose to alter my current circumstance by the choice that I make. I am free because I choose to be free. No murderer with a gun, commanding a drone, or dropping a bomb gave me the gift of freedom, it was given to me by my creator. It is my birthright.

I thank my God and my creator for my freedom. I thank myself for making the choice to be free.

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