Finding Peace in the Present

Finding Peace in the Present

Sometimes it is so easy to allow ourselves to be distracted by worry about our past, or about our future to the point that we forget to appreciate the now – the present. We lose our sense of priority worrying about things we cannot change or worrying about things that may never be. We fail to realize that the past no longer exists and the future is only a guess. Our only opportunity to act and make a difference lies in the presents – in the now.

I know that I am as guilty as anybody else in this regard. I think about how I have wasted days in the past where if I would have taken a different path maybe my life today would be different, better. I also worry about an imagined future, creating in my mind scenarios that may or may not ever come to fruition. In the end, neither worry serves any positive good in my life and only distracts me from all that is good today.

Imagine if you changed your focus – instead of worry about what you have or have not done, or what you may or may not do, you focused instead on what is in front of you right now. What if you focused on all that you have to be grateful for in your life at this present moment, if you were grateful for all that has come before because it lead you to this present moment? Even if your present moment is less than desirable, you are alive and able to act in this present to make your future better.

Imagine if instead of focusing on some negative future, that has not yet happened, and may never happen, you focused your energies onĀ making the most of your present circumstances to direct your life to a future state that is more desirable? What if you took proactive steps to make the most of this situation to make tomorrow better?

None of us has any control over the exterior circumstances of life. Everything around us will unfold as it will. What we have control of is our inner life and how we respond to the circumstances that unfold around us – in this we have perfect freedom, and it is in our response to these exterior circumstances that determines whether the outcome of our actions will result in positive or negative outcomes.

Much of what we get out of life is in direct proportion to the attitude in which we approach life. If we approach life with a sense of gratitude we will tend to focus on those things that are good in our life and attract more of the same.

If we approach life with a cynical, negative attitude, allowing ourselves to feel downtrodden and ungrateful then we will attract negative circumstances. In the end, we get the fruit of what we have sown.

Life is nothing more than the present. The past is dead and the future will never be. All we have is today. Cherish each moment. Be grateful for all that you have. Never allow yourself to feel that your life has no value. Project a positive attitude and take all the good that life has to offer. You are in charge in the now and there is nothing else.

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