Fighting Doubt

Fighting Doubt

I just sat through a conversation with my son about completing his math work. He doesn’t like to do math because it is hard. We are trying to put expectations in place so he understands the importance of completing his work in order to get a summer break. We don’t want to be punitive, but we are trying to teach him that just because something is hard doesn’t mean you get to give up and not try, and that anything that is worth achieving is hard, but is also that much more rewarding because of the difficulty, that he has to take responsibility for his life because only he can achieve and reach his goals, nobody else can do it for him.

How often do you give up on something because it is difficult? How often have you not tried because you knew it would be hard? How many times have you let somebody else pick up the slack for you and accomplish your tasks? So many of us are guilty of that. We put off tasks or responsibilities because they are unpleasant or we simple don’t even begin them, but we know if we did they would be rewarding.

We live in a world that tells us we don’t need to work hard, that we are owed something, that life should be easy, and fair. This is what politicians love. They love people who do not want to take responsibility for their own lives, who want somebody else to take care of their problems, who expect others to pay their way.

If a politician can make you dependent then they own you. You need them and they know it. They will give you what you want because it keeps them in office and allows them to use their power and influence to enrich themselves. They love to force others to pay for the programs and benefits they promise, and then they will try to punish and slander the responsible people, the people who are not looking for handouts, the ones that just want to be left to live their own lives.

The politicians have taken the easy road. The road that is paved by the hard work of others. The road that is built with slave labor. They make promises paid for with other peoples hard work then condemn those people and take credit for their efforts.

We must not accept slavery. We must fight the politicians, not accept guilt, not be compliant. We must do the hard work of resisting because the reward will be much greater than the comfort of compliance. We must retake what they have stolen and make them pay back what they took. We must work so as not to enrich them, but to bring them down.

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