Fear – Motivating You or Holding You Back?

Fear – Motivating You or Holding You Back?

Like most people I have let fear hold me back. Whether it be fear to try something new, fear of failure, fear of not fitting in, fear of poverty, etc. Fear can hold us back and keep us from trying new things and achieving our goals. But if used right we can actually turn fear into a motivational tool to achieve what we want.

Think about what your worst fear is. What is the one thing in life you dread the most? You have one of two choices either you let that fear overcome you and hold you back, or you let that fear motivate you and push you forward, tackling it head on and overcoming it.

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind. The one thing we control in life is our actions; how we react to the circumstances life throws at us. We cannot control circumstance or the events around us, we can only control our reactions to the world around us. Fear is the same thing. We cannot always control our emotions unless we have trained very hard and long on the skills that allow us to do this. We can control how we act in light of our emotions and this is where the real power is.

Emotions are natural responses to life stimuli. We need to acknowledge our emotions as they are a natural consequence of life and our inner reality. We can struggle to control them, which many times will create anxiety and make us unable to deal with a situation, or we can just let them happen, acknowledge their existence, understand their cause, and then formulate a plan to react to the cause.

We will find greater efficacy in controlling our reactions rather than trying to control our emotions. Emotions can often time be irrational and understanding their root cause can often be complicated and confusing. It is better to simply take the time to acknowledge the feeling, allow it to occur, and deal as best we can with how to counter the stimuli that is causing the emotion.

In this way we become masters of our lives. Instead of letting our emotions master us, we allow the emotion space and time and then take the positive step of acting in a way that is in line with our best interest and not acting in an emotional manner that may be damaging to our person and spirit.

Use fear as a motivating factor. Acknowledge the situations that causes you fear, allow the emotion to happen, give it space and time, and then formulate a plan to move forward in spite of the emotion of fear. Do not let yourself to be paralyzed by fear. It is only in action that we can have a positive affect on our lives and the world around us and it is action, or motion, that can negate fear.

Remember courage isn’t living without fear, it is acting in the face of fear. Be courageous. Live your life. Accept your fear. Move yourself forward. Take action and fear will let go of its hold on you.

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