Exterior Peace Requires Interior Peace

Exterior Peace Requires Interior Peace

The world is full of so much noise, distraction, materialism, angst, violence, injustice, and impatience that it can be overwhelming for those who seek to promote peace. I have struggled with the correct path to take in seeking and creating a more peaceful world. Do we promote political dissent, civil disobedience, protest, or outright revolution? The answer to me seems to be none of the above. Any action we take against the outer world will have little to no affect until we address the problems of the inner world. Until we address the values and attitudes of ourselves we cannot be affectual in promoting peace and change.

I believe we should start by examining our own conscience. Have we as individuals mastered inner peace? Have we built our model on solid values? Have we mastered our own angst and doubt? Have we come to peace with who we are? Love for others starts with love for self. Until we can learn to love ourselves we cannot set about promoting love and peace out in the world.

The beginnings of inner peace starts with daily meditation. This requires the quieting of our inner dialogue and opening ourselves up to the reality of just being. Sitting quietly, being comfortable in our own mind, conscious of our bodies, comfortable doing nothing but listening and feeling. It is about connecting to a greater consciousness and finding peace in the here and now.

If we can master this inner world, touch just a bit of the cosmic consciousness then we can take the next step of working on the problems and issues of our own lives, our flawed perspectives, our wrong actions, our impatience, our judgement. We can become mindful individuals in all we do coming to a greater appreciation of existence and our fellow travelers in this world. Once we see ourselves as interconnected with the world around us then we can start to work in a wider circle of influence to affect change in the world.

Peace starts within and grows as we nurture it. It starts small as we examine our inner self, then spreads to our values, which leads to a change in our actions, which feeds into our interactions, which leads to understanding, which leads to cooperation; and so it grows. And in the end we have affected real, meaningful, lasting changed based on true peace.

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