Defining Your Life

Defining Your Life

We all have choices to make in life. Choices about who we hang out with, about where we live, where we work, what we do with our time, Our life is full of choices and they are ours to make. We don’t always have a choice as to the exact nature, or outcome of the options we have to choose from, but among available options we are free to choose what we deem is in our best interest.

The one thing we are not free to choose is the consequences of our actions. Consequences are born from the fundamental nature of our decisions and the reality in which those decisions are mad. For instance if I choose to jump into a swimming pool the consequence is that I am going to get wet. I don’t have a choice about that. But if I didn’t want to get wet I should not have chosen to jump in the pool.

We need to understand what things in life we have a choice about and then be able to judge, with reasonable accuracy, what the consequences of those choices will be. Only in acknowledging the consequences of our choices can we make wise decisions that are in our own best interest. And it is in understand the consequences of our actions that we begin to derive the freedom to form the life we want.

Getting the life we want does not hedge on a single decision, therefore we need to be able to understand how one decision, and its inherent consequences, can then lead to a new opportunity and another set of decisions that lead to further consequences. Always we have choices to make from different options, and also different consequences based on those options.

A person who lives a truly free life always considers the consequences of ones actions, and the myriad of options that open up as a result of that one decision, to craft and build the life they choose based upon the options presented. A free person does not blame circumstance, but instead accepts the facts of reality and makes decisions based on how they can use that reality to the best advantage to create a life that is best lived in recognizing that reality. To be free means to be cognizant of ones own situation, and limitations, and then making a conscious decision to choose a course of action in light of that reality that will be to the greatest benefit.

Are you living a truly free life, making decisions based on available options, looking to turn those options in to further opportunity? Or, are you just allowing life to happen to you, reacting to circumstances as they happen, not fully cognizant of the outcome of your decisions, and not aware of new opportunities that are being presented as a result of your decisions?

I have been a victim to my own doubt, to my own denial of reality. I have lived a life of reaction because I was too stubborn to face facts, too lazy to put in the hard work of thinking. I have had to change the way I see life, not through the eyes of a victim, but through the eyes of a sentient being who is capable of adapting and creating a life worth being lived. I am in charge of my own destiny, not a slave and victim to fate.

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