Connecting with the Infinite

Connecting with the Infinite

I have been very focused lately on improving my meditation and gaining the most that I can from it. It is a great challenge to quiet my mind, allow my thoughts to exist without lingering on them or letting them drag me down into rabbit holes. It takes time and discipline to become truly good at meditation. I am getting better.

I have learned not to quit thinking, but to be comfortable letting thoughts come and go without trying to control them or linger on them. This allows my consciousness to flow, to be free. It allows the mind to dump and unload without the burden of having to analyze any particular thought. It opens my mind to thinking differently and more freely.

In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich he spends a lot of time fleshing out the idea of tapping into the Infinite Intelligence. He lays out the idea that there exists an infinite intelligence that we can all tap into through our ways of thinking and believing. If we think and believe negative things then we will have negative experiences. If we think and believe positive things then we will have positive experiences. And this is done through influencing our own subconscious by having a definite purpose, having faith that you will realize that purpose, and thinking positive thoughts with emotion.

But thinking and believing are only part of the program laid out by Napoleon Hill. Nothing happens in life by thinking alone. If a man lies in the middle of the road wishing for a house, a sandwich, and a million dollars he will get run over. We must act in order to achieve the life we want. And our actions must be aligned with and influenced by our thoughts and emotions.

Meditation is a way to focus the mind, clear it of rubbish, and focus on what is important. It allows me to clear out the trash and make room for what is important. I allows me to open my mind to possibilities that I may have missed in the business of my day. And most importantly it allows me to be comfortable in just being – free from anxiety, worry, or regret.

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