Some Bosses are Just Jerks

Some Bosses are Just Jerks


Let’s face it some bosses are just jerks. I don’t understand this. It is much harder to be nasty to people, and less productive, than to treat people with respect.

I was recently talking to some people I know that work for a company that treats their people poorly. The bosses use rigid point systems to penalized employees. They hold grudges when employees don’t do what they want and use vendetta’s to get back at them.

Treating people poorly makes absolutely no sense from an individual or a business perspective. It takes so little energy to treat people fairly and with respect. And the pay offs are much greater.

When people are treated poorly they tend to perform poorly and it makes it much harder to retain good people.

Smart manager’s and businesses realize that it is much less expensive, and more profitable, to treat their people well. Dumb manager’s and businesses treat people poorly and spend a lot on hiring and training.

This isn’t that hard to figure out. Yet, there are businesses who still don’t get it.

Our employees can make or break us. We can’t get anything done without their cooperation and buy-in. And who wants to do their best for a manager who disrespect and abuses others?

Coming to work everyday must be a real chore for managers who view their people in a negative light. Everyday is a battle between the manager and the people they manage.

I would rather look forward to working with my people everyday. I enjoy people. This job would not be worth doing if I saw  the employees I am responsible for as an obstacle.

That is the key to management – realizing that you are responsible for others. As a manager I am not only responsible for the business success of my area, but also the success of the people I am entrusted in leading. Being a manger is 50% managing process and 50% managing people – i.e. helping them be successful.

If people are engaged in a positive manner, made to feel they have a voice in the process, and are respected then you have a great chance at having a successful team. And in turn you will succeed as a manager.

If on the other hand you dictate to your people, treat them as cogs in the machine, and disrespect them, then you will have a low performing team and high turn over.

So remember – don’t be a jerk. Not everybody has to like you, but a little respect goes a long way. Just treat your people like human beings. Have compassion and empathy. Show that your concerned about their personal success and well-being as well as the organizations. Do this and your much more likely to have success as a manager, and organization, and as a human being.


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