Beating the Management Blues

Beating the Management Blues


Sometimes we can get discouraged and down due to the number of issues and problems we have to deal with on a daily basis. Projects that have gone wrong, quality issues, people problems, and just maintaining all the many priorities that need our attention can leave us feeling down and frustrated.

Being a manager or supervisor can be a thankless job where we are trapped between the interests of upper management and the concerns of the line workers. We are asked to serve both interest even at times where they conflict. And finding a middle path between the two is a great challenge.

It is no wonder then that we can feel torn and unappreciated as we try to balance the many interests that we are required to serve.

So what can we do to alleviate the stress and anxiety that accompanies these many pulls on our energies and time?

In work, as in our personal lives, the best way to overcome these feelings of frustration and discouragement is to do good for others. We need to detach from our own feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and doubt and find strength and positive energy in bringing some good to the lives of others.

Many studies have been done that show the positive effects that serving others can have on our own sense of well-being ( As manager’s our lives revolve around serving others, whether the employers we work for, or the people that we manage. And by embracing that service we can separate from our self-absorbing and negative feelings.

In times of stress and worry we can turn our attention from our inner struggles to reach out in service to others and deepen our commitment to the organizations and people we manage. It might seem counter-intuitive to attempt to deepen one’s interaction with the very thing that is causing the stress, but the stress is more often caused by what we avoid rather than the action of confronting the issues.

Stress is about unmet needs and the fear of the unknown. By reaching out to, and engaging others, we set ourselves on a path of engagement and action which can negate the very things that are causing our stress and anxiety.

By not avoiding your responsibilities, and embracing the service you provide, you strengthen your relationships, engage the issues, and create positive outcomes by meeting challenges head on.

Next time you are feeling stressed out don’t avoid people. Get out on the floor, out and about in your work area and engage people. Talk to them, joke with them, share their concerns and interests. Find a way to serve others. You may find that the answer to your problems is out there among the people. It may be that all you needed to do is tap the ideas of others, to share something of yourself and seek out the help of others. And it is by serving others that they are more likely to return the favor and offer help to you.

You will find that your stress level will start to decrease the more you engage with others and that the solution to whatever problem is troubling you exists among the people you manage and work with, and that others have common problems and stress, and that in sharing these common issues you can find resolution and peace.

Avoid the feeling of wanting to retreat and pull inward. Often it is our own limiting beliefs and negative attitudes that hold us back. When we face stress, the temptation is to continue to feed the negative energy and find joy in feeling upset. Resist this urge by forcing yourself out into the work place and interacting with others. Solitude often breeds discontent while being out in the world creates a sense of community and shared interest.

As a manager you are not alone and do not need to carry the stress of the workplace on your shoulders. You have the ability to affect the lives of those you work with in a very positive manner, and in realizing the positive affects you can have on the lives of others, it can free you from your own problems and allow you to interact with others in a positive manner, thus allowing you a positive outlet for relieving your stress, finding fulfillment to your needs, and meeting challenges head on.

Be a person of value and serve others. Make those connections that will fill your work with meaning and purpose. Realize that it is this meaning and purpose that will alleviate your stress and give you the strength to overcome whatever problems you face.

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