Anxiety and Freedom

Anxiety and Freedom

I know so many people who suffer from anxiety. It has become an epidemic in today’s society. So many times doctors are quick to prescribe medicine and make people feel as though this condition is merely a physiological problem that is only controllable through the use of prescription medication. They do not treat it as a symptom of a cognitive nature that is the result of not having the proper skill set to deal with the world around us.

I am not trying to make light of anxiety or its paralyzing nature. I know first hand how crippling anxiety can be. We all have moments in life where we feel so overwhelmed that our minds create physiological symptoms that can bring us to a state of not being able to cope with our circumstances. But when we allow society to tell us that it is not within our control, that taking a pill is the answer to the problem, then we become unable to deal with the issues in life that have caused the anxiety to manifest, and we give up our individual freedom of self-control, and self direction and become a slave to our anxiety.

Anxiety, at its root, is the inability to identify the causes and triggers of stress, and therefore leads to our inability to control that stress. When we don’t identify the triggers of stress then feelings of anxiety take over us making us feel out of control, which only further fuels the anxiety. As the anxiety grows, and we begin to feel the physical symptoms of the unidentified stress, we then feel there is real bodily danger, which feeds the anxiety yet more. Our minds then begin to imagine all kinds of dangers, real or imagined, and the anxiety boils over into a full blown panic attack.

While a pill may be able to combat the self feeding nature of anxiety for the near term, it does nothing to combat anxiety and its causes over the long term, nor does it empower the individual to take control of their situation and overcome the nature of their stress. In order to deal with anxiety over the long term we must identify the causes of our anxiety, understand our limiting beliefs that fuel the anxiety, identify the triggers of our anxiety, and then develop tools for dealing with these causes.

Over the next couple of post I will explore the tools I have used to deal with anxiety and try to help those of you who deal with and suffer from this condition. It is my hope that by sharing my experience it will help others to realize that medication is not the solution and give you the courage to help face the causes of your anxiety head on, while giving you a tool box for dealing with it in a proactive manner.

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