About Trelka Management Coaching and Consulting:

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I have been in different levels of supervision and management roles for the past 14 years. In that time I have worked in Employee-Owned, Single-owner, and corporate environments.

My experience includes leading teams from 2 to 64 people ranging in employee experience from 0-40 years of employment.

Over the years, I have held progressive roles in supervision and management including shift supervisor, production scheduling management, and currently as a department manager for a large manufacturer.

My Management Philosophy:

All employees want to feel a sense of belonging and community. They want to be self-directed and express their own individuality in the work they perform. If given the chance most employees will respond to positive reinforcement and individual recognition.

In order to meet these changing needs, managers need to treat all employees with respect. The cornerstone of management and leadership is honest and candid feedback. Trust is developed when a manager or supervisor has consistently demonstrated that they do what they say and when they show accountability for themselves and their teams.

What I Offer:

Whether you’re looking for ways to engage your team as an organization, or as a manager, I have the tools that can help.

Today’s workforce is in a state of flux and evolution. Employees no longer respond to an authoritarian management style.

Employees more than ever want to feel a sense of community, self-direction, and meaning in their work.

Employers, managers, and supervisors are having greater difficulty finding and retaining good talent. So, we need to create work environments that people want to be a part of. That all starts with the leadership.

Through my Manager’s Diary blog and podcast, I want to share what I have learned and what I continue to learn in leading and managing in this new reality.

Also, I offer a free Ebook titled How to Succeed as a Manager or Supervisor which you can get by signing up for my email list or filling out the contact form below.

I offer one on one coaching as well as consulting services to organizations.

I am also developing online training programs that can be taken by managers and supervisors who desire to improve their people management skills.


Coaching is available to managers who would like a more personalized and intimate training and mentoring experience. This can be done in person, by phone, or through Skype.

Prior to our first coaching session, I ask that all coaching clients fill out an introductory consulting form.  This form helps me understand your level of experience, particular situation, and areas that you are seeking help with.

I schedule coaching sessions at a time that works for both the client and me. Through the use of Skype, I am able to meet with clients internationally. No matter where you are located we can find a method to establish a coaching relationship.

Coaching sessions last 45 minutes to 1 hour. During the coaching session, we will focus on your top three areas of concern. I will gather the details of the problems and offer action plans to address the areas of concern.

After the call, I will email a summary of what was discussed with a detailed action plan that was developed during the coaching session. I am also available for follow-up via email to answer any questions or help with implementation and execution of the action plan at no additional expense.

Service Fees:

Initial coaching or consulting session is free. Follow up coaching sessions are $100 per session, but discounts and package rates are available for longer term consulting. Please email me a request for special situations and we can discuss negotiated pricing.