A Wish for Mother’s Day

A Wish for Mother’s Day

“Why do not the mothers of mankind interfere in these matters to prevent the waste of that human life of which they alone bear and know the cost?” Julia Ward Howe.

On this Mother’s Day I wish to put forth a wish list as a way to more deeply think about the issues of this world that create distress, pain, and destroy lives and souls. Mother’s are the givers and bearers of life. They offer nurturing care and guidance that is unique to them and their gender. As the giver’s of life I would suggest we should offer up a pro-life message in their honor – pro-life not just in relation to the unborn but also in how we treat all human beings in matters of criminal justice and war. I offer up a true and comprehensive pro-life message that respects life in all its stages. Mothers have a great power to bring forth life, preserve life, and defend life. May all mothers everywhere know peace and love, may they acknowledge their power as life givers, and defend life in all its stages of being.

I wish that no mother should choose to destroy a life before it has had a chance to come to fruition. That all mothers will accept responsibility for the life giving power of their body, respect themselves, and never allow others to abuse them or their bodies. May we all reach out to women in need of help, those who are abused, those who are lost, those who are confused.

I wish that no mother should have to send her child off to die in war. May peace always be the project of mothers. May mothers stand up against the war state that sends their children off to die in unjust wars meant to profit special interest groups and enslave the masses.

I wish that no mother should experience the death of their child. The greatest loss of a parent is the loss of a child. For those who have lost a child may we all show compassion and understanding and work to bring healing to those who suffer such a loss.

I wish that all mothers should be shown respect and honor. The hardest job in the world is that of a mother. There is a special and unique position that mother’s hold in the lives of their children. No matter how old a person is there is always a unique bond between mother and child. May we work to respect our mothers, and all women, protecting them and keeping them from harm.

I wish that no mother should ever lose their child to the brutal hand of the power actors of the state. May justice always prevail in our country and throughout the world. And may mothers band together to stand in opposition to the use of force by the state.

On this Mother’s Day may we respect life in all its many stages. May we look to our mothers as the deliverers of life and find a path to peace so that no mother may loose a child to violence or aggression whether through individual actors or the state.

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