A Political Solution to the Problem of War…Which Will Never Happen

A Political Solution to the Problem of War…Which Will Never Happen

I have a simple solution to the problem of war and to tempering the war cry within Congress. We simply need to pass legislation that states any individual who votes for a resolution of war, or war like activities, must either fight in the action themselves or volunteer a loved one up for service in that conflict. If the individual voting for the action is unable to serve then they should volunteer their child for service. If they do not have children then they must pick a young person within their family and deliver them up to military service. The love one should then wear a camera in the line of duty and the politician should be forced to watch them as they fight, and if God calls them to sacrifice for their country, die.

If a politician believes in the cause they should have no problem sacrificing as they asks others to sacrifice. They should be willing to lay down their lives and the lives of those they love for something they believe so dearly in. Let those who clamour for war and death lead by example. Let them show us the true heart of a warrior. I am sure they will have no problem showing us their patriotism and their resolve.

I would also suggest passing in that same bill that no wars or military action can be funded with debt. Let those same politicians who believe in militarism show their resolve by giving a clear plan as to how they will pay for their military adventurism. Let them put up their homes and fortunes as collateral to fund these military operations. Again, let them lead by example.

I am certain that our pure and righteous politicians who promote war and violence would agree to all these terms to show us how right their cause is. Let also all the pundits who back these actions show the same level of patriotism, commitment, and sacrifice.

I won’t wait for my dream to come to fruition as I am all too aware of where the politicians and pundits stand on issues of war. They want war to keep the money rolling to their cronies, to continue creating debt, to keep the masses in fear, and to enslave in a false sense of patriotism. Still a man can dream.

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