Most managers and supervisors will fail if they do not learn these skills.

What I reveal on this page:

  • How I almost failed as a supervisor and manager.
  • Why most first time managers and supervisors struggle or fail.
  • How I overcame the pitfalls of being a new supervisor.
  • How to claim the resources to help you succeed where others have failed.
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If you are struggling in your role as a manager or supervisor, whether just getting started or a seasoned veteran, I know your struggles.

We all struggle with people issues, time-management, dealing with stress, and inter-team conflict.

When I started out as a supervisor I almost failed.

  • I didn’t know how to communicate in a positive way with my people, or how to motivate people based on their self-interest
  • I struggled to understand how my words and actions were having an impact on my team
  • I created a negative view of myself with upper management in the way I communicated issues with other managers

 Why New Manager’s and Supervisors Fail

Most of us get thrown into these positions without any real training. We may have gotten a four-year degree only to find out it didn’t really prepare us for the realities of managing people, processes, and resources.

How do you deal with interpersonal conflict? What do you do to neutralize a negative attitude? When is it time to coach and time to discipline? How do I present my ideas to my boss without seeming like I am criticising?

Other reasons new managers and supervisors struggle or fail:

  • They do not know how to create a message that is tailored to each individual team members self-interest (HINT: this is the real key to motivation).
  • Not being in possession of the skills to deal with difficult people or difficult situations.
  • A lack of emotional intelligence in dealing with stressful situations.
  • Ineffective time management skills.
  • Inability to navigate business politics in a  positive manner.

Finding resources to help navigate these issues can be difficult. Sure there are companies that sell courses or seminars where you can learn some of these skills. They will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars and as soon as the training is over you are on your own.

My Experience

When I was getting started I took the courses and attended the seminars. When I got back to my job I was on my own to implement what I had learned and there was no one around to offer support or encouragement.

So I did the best I could. I kept refining my skills and paying attention to what was working and what wasn’t. I also read a lot of books. I read authors like John Maxwell, Stephen R. Covey, Zig Ziglar, and Dale Carnegie.

Still, it would have been nice to have somebody who I could talk to who was actually doing the things they taught. A resource that I could turn to who would help me navigate the real world problems that I was struggling with.

Why I created Trelka Management Coaching and Consulting

I created Trelka Management Coaching and Consulting and A Manager’s Diary Blog to be a resource to supervisors and managers struggling to put what they learned into practice.

I want to help struggling supervisors, managers, and organizations overcome the gap between learning and implementing management strategies that will help teams grow stronger leading to organizational success.

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In my EBook – How to Succeed as a Supervisor or Manager you will learn:

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  • The benefits of setting clear expectations and results.
  • How to create a team environment through open and honest communication.
  • The skills and techniques for dealing with difficult people.
  • How to overcome company politics by being a support to your manager.
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