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Being a manager or supervisor can be a difficult thankless job. As managers and supervisors we are asked to balance the needs of our employees and our organizations – and often times those needs are in conflict. We find ourselves stressed out trying to balance these competing needs along with the many priorities that demand our time and attention. So how does one find peace and balance in a career that is so demanding?

My blog is dedicated to answering these questions and giving you the tools to find peace and enjoyment in your work. While working as a manager or supervisor can be demanding it also can be very rewarding. Managers and supervisors have the ability to impact the organizations they work for and the people they serve in significant and meaningful ways. As Ebenezer Scrooge said of his old master Fezziwig in Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carole:

“He has the power to render us happy or unhappy; to make our service light or burdensome; a pleasure or a toil. Say that his power lies in words and looks; in things so slight and insignificant that it is impossible to add and count ’em up: what then? The happiness he gives, is quite as great as if it cost a fortune.”

The same goes for us as managers and supervisors. We have the ability to make the people we serve, our employees and subordinates, happy or unhappy simply by the tone of our voice or the look on our face. We also have the ability to make our workplaces productive, happy, and profitable benefiting ourselves, our employees, and our organization.

So when do we get to work on making ourselves happy and productive? We can do this everyday and in turn help everybody else.

I proposed that through our attitudes and actions we can make our workplaces happy, peaceful, and productive by being proactive and engaging and encouraging the people we work with from our bosses, to our fellow managers, to the people we lead. We can gain control of our time and attitude to make a positive impact on our work place and go home at the end of the day feeling excited and encouraged rather than exhausted and frustrated.

My blog will give tips and techniques for managing time, people, and projects. I will tell of the tips and techniques I have learned over my 13 year management career as well as share my daily struggles as a manager and what I am actively doing to overcome those challenges.

I want to create a community of managers and supervisors who are looking to grow as people and create work environments that lead to the human flourishing of the people who are being served as well as the managers and supervisors themselves.

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Randy Trelka